About Thiosane Travel

Travel with Thiosane Travel in West Africa.

Thiosane Travel is one of the best travel agencies for organizing travel in West Africa. We organize trips to Burkina Faso, Mali, Guinea, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Gambia and Senegal, in short everywhere in West Africa.

One of our specialties is the organist of beautiful tours through several countries!

We Organize:

We offer both group tours and individual tours. With the possibility of customization. This is possible thanks to our extensive network in Burkina Faso and surrounding countries, where we work together with various reliable organisations and individuals to organise our travels. The trips are ideal for people who don't want to regulate everything themselves, but want to be able to decide what to do. Attention to individual wishes that is characteristic of our travels.

Good information and preparation

Travelling through Africa is not the same as going on holiday in Europe. We therefore think it is important to prepare the holiday together with the travellers. This site is therefore a great way to find information, including practical tips. In group tours we usually organize a meeting to take care of everything, give tips and-for those who want-to arrange the visas. Are you going alone or in a small group? You can also count on good support in the preparation, via the mail, telephone or through a personal conversation. Also during the trip itself the Tour leader gives information about the day program at fixed times. And of course he is always available for questions or remarks.

What you can expect from us:


We arrange everything for you. From the start to the end of the holiday you can count on a pleasant support, which will allow you to fully enjoy your trip. So we can take care of your visa, but also arrange everything for the flight. On location We make sure that the transport is well arranged. We have many years of experience and can use an extensive network with which we can give the utmost certainty with transport, in case of illness or accidents or other problems in West Africa or the Netherlands. We have a comfortable guest accommodation with toilets, showers, beds with mosquito nets and rooms with fans. The terrain is walled and there is an employee on site day and night. The guest accommodation is cooked and washed daily. If you want to enter the city or buy in on the market, we can provide a supervisor who knows all the places and prices. This ensures a pleasant stay. We have tutors who speak French, English, German and Dutch.


We provide sufficient comfort for a pleasant holiday. We stay in hotels that meet our basic requirements: safe, clean and with adequate amenities. If you want more luxury, then that is usually good to fit within our travels. Ask beforehand about the possibilities and the extra costs.


Thiosane Travel offers quality at an affordable price. We do everything we can to ensure that our travels run smoothly and smoothly. We carefully select our local cooperation partners and teachers and prepare them for what is expected of them. Of course we are here as a tour leader to help you with your needs. During the trip we are open to suggestions and criticism and we play flexibly on wishes and unexpected circumstances.