Overnight stays and meals.

Overnight stays and meals. You stay in the guest accommodation of Thiosane Travel or with a host family. The Guest house of Thiosane Travel is a comfortable property in a quiet area in Bobo Dioulasso. The house has a spacious living room, three double bedrooms, a kitchen with cooking utensils and cookware, a European toilet and shower. You can also choose to stay with a host family selected and approved by Thiosane Travel. In The host family you may share your room with another. You have to adapt to the simpler living conditions in the family and the home. In a host family, for example, they do not always have running water and the toilet and shower are a square in the yard with a hole in the ground. In a host family You are also expected to help with and pay for the preparation of the meals. Thiosane Travel teaches you to recognize and evaluate different meals and their preparation. With this information you are able to prepare healthy meals without the risk of getting sick from the meal.