Internship preparations in July 2017

Together with Anne-Marie Hoekstra, Thiosane Travel has sought and approved a number of stagelocaties for the Social Work programme. Anne-Marie has been working in the care for several years and has done the Social Work training. She also has experience with internships and working abroad. She will help the interns from the Netherlands with professional questions. We were also supervised by Asita Keita, a Burkinabé sociologist who has a lot of experience with projects for European and American organisations. Asita will accompany the trainees on the work floor. It was a successful company in which we found suitable stagelocaties in the largest hospital in Bobo Dioulasso, the pediatric, orthopedic and psychiatric departments. In addition, Thiosane Travel will collaborate with the action Social, the overarching organisation of social work in all of Burkina Faso. Through this organization trainees have access to orphanages, handicapped care and all projects for deprived persons. Hospital director Mr. Gustav Sanon and Stagebegeleidster Drs. Asita Keita.