Study internships in Burkina Faso.

Study internships and volunteer work in Burkina Faso.

Study internships by Thiosane Travel in Burkina Faso is:

  • Studying with attention to culture and your personal development.
  • Organizing and supporting projects in your field.
  • Transferring your knowledge to help others.
  • Safe and well prepared to go on a trip.
  • Internship at an accredited learning company with expert and experienced tutoring

The study trips are intended for students who are looking for a traineeship for their studies. You will be prepared for your studies in Burkina Faso and you will get reliable escorts in a safe environment. You learn not only through your work and your studies, but the added value in Burkina Faso is that you develop yourself in a special way through your contacts and experiences with a completely different culture. In Burkina Faso French is spoken, but experience has shown that this is perceived as a valuable addition to your development. Thiosane Travel offers courses to ensure that you quickly speak French enough to be able to follow your internship properly. In addition, in most courses you get extra credits for learning the language. Thiosane Travel operates as a starting point for the programme:-32 hours internship per week. -1st and 2nd week: No internships, domesticated. Introduction to living and working environment, 20 hours of French lessons per week. It is important to master the language of French. To the extent that this is not the case, we take care of the first two weeks of your stay a French course with which you have sufficient control of the language to be able to do your work well enough. Together with you you will find a stagerichting and place that best fits your profession and fits your needs to achieve an optimal learning experience. We prefer to have an internship in several locations within your field of expertise for a broader experience. During your entire stay in Burkina Faso, a companion of Thiosane Travel can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can always contact him or her for questions about your internship, your stay or anything else. Your internship is supervised by a internship supervisor at work. You can contact this person during working hours for questions about your internship. In addition, a supervisor is also provided, possibly in the Netherlands that you can approach for study-oriented questions and problems. Internships. You do your internship in or near the city of Bobo Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. The internships offered are in:-a hospital, nurse-a pharmacy, pharmacist, Apothekersassistent-a maternity clinic, maternity nurse-a music school, teacher guitar, teacher piano, teacher drum, teacher vocals, lecturer Recorder-a primary school, a teacher in addition, we can arrange a internship for you in almost every sector, so don't hesitate to let us know if you are looking for something else. Duration of the internship. Initially you decide the duration of your internship, but we recommend the duration of at least 4 months. The first month is normally mainly devoted to learning the language, knowing the country, the population and your workplace. In the second and third months, you will be able to focus more on increasing your skills and giving a better follow-up to the development of projects. Projects. We also encourage you to devise and develop projects that you can perform alone or with others. This can be processed in many cases as part of your internship. Burkina Faso belongs to one of the poorest countries in the world where it is often lacking in efficiency and resources. By means of projects you can solve this. Think of a clinic where there are not enough medicines or a music school where instruments are missing. Consider also the introduction of medical or teaching methods that give more results. A part of your project may be to bring this to the attention of individuals and companies in the Netherlands in order to obtain financial resources or materials for carrying out your project.