Successful tour of Ghana.

In January 2018, Thiosane travel made a tour of Ghana with a total of 6 people. An intensive 2-week journey with the organization's old but tough Land Cruiser. All highlights of the country have been visited: Mole National Park, Tamale, Kumasi, Bosumtwe Lake, Kakum National Park, Elmina slave Fortress, Atlantic coast, capital Accra, Akosombo Volta Dam with the Volta Lake, Tagbo Falls in the mountain area to the east with The highest point in Ghana. The choice for so many locations in a relatively short time, makes sure that some days had to be driven, but it was certainly worth it. Another aspect that made the trip even more intensive, but also even more interesting, was that the group started and finished in Burkina Faso. Here the report of Anja, one of the travellers of this group. An impression traveling with Thiosane Travel was a great adventure. It was not just traveling, it was the constant contemplations with Marlon who made this journey so special. He understands life in Africa, without judgement, he tells his view of life there. You learn to look different, without judgement but free, without comparison to the west but purely from African perspective. I have learned so much to understand and that has enriched my life.  Africa is not unknown to me I have lived and travelled, but this journey has brought new insights. In addition, it was a great adventure to travel from Burkina to Ghana an exciting road trip through a varied landscape with a new horizon every day. With different sleeping places from a beautiful lodge by the sea to an overnight stay at a mission post. National parcs, waterfalls, jungle and gort dry plains, monkeys and elephants, beautiful traditional villages. Wonderful encounters. Never boring but always different. I've been in Africa for 15 days, but it seemed like 15 weeks. Marlon does not provide a standard offer but variety and a glimpse into real life.