Volunteer work in Burkina Faso

Volunteer work by Thiosane Travel in Burkina Faso is:

  • Work with attention to your personal wishes.
  • Work with attention to the country, the inhabitants and the culture.
  • Work with opportunities for personal development.
  • Work in which you offer something else and the other has something for you.
  • Safe and well prepared to travel with an experienced and knowledgeable travel organisation.

You will be prepared for your work in Burkina Faso and you will get reliable escorts in a safe environment. You learn not only through your work, but the added value in Burkina Faso is that you develop yourself in a special way through your contacts and experiences with a completely different culture. In Burkina Faso, French is spoken, but experience has shown that it does not have to interfere with your work. Thiosane Travel offers courses to ensure that you speak French enough to be able to do your work.