Why study internships and volunteer work with Thiosane Travel


A trusted, skilled and experienced travel organisation with an extensive network. 

Thiosane Travel has been organising trips to Burkina Faso since 2002 and has delivered more than 250 travelers a special and often memorable trip. Many travelers have once again booked a trip with us and some even five times! In all these years we have learnt people who can be of interest in the smooth running of a stay in Burkina Faso. On the spot we have very reliable employees and relations with police, justice, hospitals, doctors and guides. The network also includes individuals in almost every industry, so we can also arrange work for you as a volunteer in almost every sector. Thiosane Travel has a well cared for and comfortable guesthouse and reliable guest addresses where you can live in the Burkinabé way. Thiosane Travel is a learning company accredited by the SBB.  

A thorough travel preparation.

You will be informed about and accompanied by the preparations for your trip from your registration. Some preparations have to be done, but we can advise you on everything and make a lot of preparations for you. The discussions will discuss:-The choice of your internship or workshop and the duration of your stay. -The type of stay (in the guest accommodation of the organization or in a host family in the city or in a village)-what is expected of you during your stay in Burkina Faso. -Medical aspects such as vaccinations, vaccinations and what to do in case of illness. -Any concerns and adjustments as a result of your health. -What to take with you on the trip. -The choice of means of communication, payment and transport in Burkina Faso-the living conditions, hygiene, habits/customs and the climate of the country. What is different and what should you consider. What can you do and what better you can't do. -The possibilities for booking a flight to Burkina Faso and back to the Netherlands. -How best to keep in touch with the people in the Netherlands. -Extras such as: Doing activities, workshops, courses and excursions in the country or countries around it.

Knowledge Exchange.

As you learn from the Burkinezen with your internship, they will also be able to learn from you. A number of valuable and special aspects of your internship in Burkina Faso are:-you expand your expertise with aspects that you would not encounter in the Netherlands. This is true both in technical aspects and also by another way of thinking and acting in another culture. -You help your colleagues and perhaps also the country by transferring your expertise and setting up and supporting projects. -by transferring your knowledge to others, you become even more aware of your own actions, which deepens your learning experience and expertise.

Attention to the country, the inhabitants and the culture.

One of the main reasons for your study or work in Burkina Faso is the fact that you are in a totally different culture and living environment. If you are attentive to this, only this is an enrichment of your life, yet apart from anything you can learn in your field. Just this is one of the specialties of Thiosane Travel. Through years of experience with excursions in the country and the many contacts with the African people, we can show you the country and get to know the culture. During your stay you can make excursions to traditional villages, beautiful nature areas and learn to discover what the African life entails. We can offer you a range of excursions ranging from one-day to multi-days excursions that you can make only, with fellow students or people you come to visit from the Netherlands. You can also follow workshops in the field of music, dance or old crafts such as woodcarving, bronze, jewelry making, batik, pottery and weaving. If you are sporty then you can make one-or several-day walks in the savannas, sport climbing or just going out on a bike.

Together with family members, partners and friends.

Family members, partners and friends are involved as much as possible in the talks prior to the trip and will be kept informed of the course during the trip. It is for them just like you, pleasant to have an impression of what you can expect. In case of a problem, we will contact you with your pre-specified contact persons if you wish. We encourage the inviting partners, friends and family members in Burkina Faso. It will be virtually impossible for you to transfer your experience in Burkina Faso to others. If others are here with you, you will increase the experience by sharing it with others and enjoy the land with you. Thiosane Travel is a specialist in providing a program for an unforgettable trip.

What is expected of you.

-You bet your 100% for your internship and take your education and work seriously. -that you respectfully deal with the Burkinezen, fellow students and tutors. -that you respect the values and norms of the country and the culture and you adhere to the rules of the country. -that you are flexible, patient and creative at times when in Burkina Faso something does not run as you expected. -that you immediately mention something that you are bothered by the tour guide, or else you would like, and feel free to say if you are satisfied.