About Thiosane Travel

Thiosane Travel has been one of the best travel organizations for organizing trips in West Africa since 2002. What makes us unique is that we are the only travel company that specializes in traveling by car throughout this entire area.
We offer you both group travel and individual travel.
The trips are ideal for people who do not want to arrange everything themselves, but want to be able to decide for themselves what to do.
Customization with attention to individual wishes that is characteristic of our trips.

We organize:
• cultural tours, where you see as much as possible of the country and the people.
• outdoor sports trips, where you can be active with walking tours, boat trips or sports climbing.
• workshops and courses, where you can make music, dance or practice a craft.
• study internships and volunteer work, where you do your training, but above all learn a lot from a different culture and customs.

What you can expect from us:

Good information and preparation

Traveling through Africa is not the same as going on holiday in Europe or America. We therefore think it is important to prepare for the holiday together with you via email, telephone or via a personal conversation.
The tour leader also provides information about the day’s program at fixed times during the trip itself. And of course he is always available for questions or comments.


From the beginning to the end of your holiday, you can count on pleasant support, so that you can fully enjoy your trip.
We have many years of experience and can use an extensive network with which we can offer you the greatest possible certainty for a successful trip or with which we can find solutions in case of problems if necessary.


We provide the comfort you choose for a pleasant holiday. For example, you can choose to stay in hotels that meet the basic requirements: safe, clean and with sufficient facilities.
If you want more luxury, it can usually fit in well with our trips. Ask in advance about the options and costs.


Thiosane Travel offers you the greatest possible safety that a travel organization can offer for West Africa. We have an extensive network that is used for your safety. For example, we are in contact with police and customs officials and with doctors and specialists. We have assistance scenarios available for the most conceivable situations.
Inquiries with our travelers showed that they feel even safer with us in Africa than many airports and tourist attractions in Europe.
As everywhere in the world, your safety is mainly determined by your knowledge of the country, the people and the customs. If you do not have that knowledge, the tour leader of Thiosane Travel does and he knows what to do and what not to do, when to do or not to do something and where to come and not to come.


Thiosane Travel offers you the best possible quality. We do everything we can to ensure that our travels run smoothly and smoothly. We carefully select our local partners and prepare them for what is expected of them. Of course we are present as tour guide to make adjustments if necessary. During the trip we are open to suggestions and criticism and we respond flexibly to wishes and unexpected circumstances.