Hiking, boat trips and rock climbing.

If you like active and adventurous holidays with (day-long) hiking tours, boat trips or even rock wall climbs, then take an active trip with Thiosane Travel.

West Africa has a wide variety of climates and landscapes and offers a lot for the outdoor sports enthusiast.The added value of an active holiday in West Africa is that in addition to the adventurous and varied environment, you can also get to know a variety of unique cultures.


You can make day-long hiking tours through savannas, mountains, jungles or desert areas. The trips are made as day trips from a location or as multi-day trips with overnight stays in nature where meals must be prepared on the spot. If necessary, local guides will accompany you to carry extra materials. You make walks in an area or country or several walks in various countries. The intensity of the tours is tailored to your wishes and physical capabilities.

Boat trips

West Africa has large rivers such as the Volta, the Niger and the Gambia rivers. You can take beautiful boat trips passing small traditional villages and sailing through nature reserves with the opportunity to see wildlife. Depending on the location and the facilities, you can make the trip in a small fishing boat or in a larger passenger boat with the option of overnight accommodation and cooking on the boat. With the multi-day trips, overnight stays along the riverbank are also planned.


Rock climbing enthusiasts can indulge themselves in West Africa. This is adventurous climbing in areas that are mostly unhooked. You must therefore have experience with traditional climbing where you install your own fuses (with nuts, friends and band slings) during the routes. There are high mountains to climb but beautiful and varied cliffs and slabs.