West Africa tours.

Organizing tours through West Africa has been the specialty of Thiosane Travel for years. We are the only travel organization that takes you through several West African countries. You travel with a tour guide with knowledge of the population, culture, language and customs. For the tour guide and Thiosane Travel, your satisfaction and safety come first.

Thiosane Travel has a number of cars at its disposal for your trip. Of course, we ensure that the car is in the best possible condition before every trip. It is always possible that due to the extremely harsh road and climate conditions there will be a defect in a car, but we try to fix this as quickly as possible and it generally does not result in significant delays. You can choose a comfortable car with air conditioning or a simple car without air conditioning. In both cases, these are robust four-wheel drive off-road vehicles that are best suited for West African conditions.

It is important to us that the trip suits you. No person is the same and therefore no travel program will be the same. We put together the travel program together with you. A number of aspects that determine the composition of the program are your experience with traveling (in Africa) and your interests. You can choose a more comfortable and accessible journey with more expensive hotels, shorter driving times on more accessible roads or a more challenging journey that requires more experience, through more remote areas and with less comfortable overnight options.

Travel themes can vary. Parts that you can include in your trip are: museums, traditional villages, cultural attractions, festivals, nature parks, markets, sea and beaches.