Workshops and courses: music, dance and handcrafts.

If you like an active holiday where you do things and learn, you can create a program with workshops and courses with Thiosane Travel. There are possibilities for workshops of half a day to courses of several weeks. Of course you can also combine several workshops and courses. Below you will find a number of options.

Music and dance.

The music and dance courses are suitable for both beginners and very advanced players and dancers. This is traditional West African music on traditional West African instruments such as the djembé, bass drums, balafon, tama / talking drum, ngoni and flute. The dance courses consist of lessons with a dance teacher and guidance group, where different dances of different tribes and rituals can be learned. The courses are provided by professional and experienced musicians and dancers.


Many old crafts are still common in West Africa, such as woodcarving, bronze casting, pottery, batik and jewelry making. These are old traditions often presented to certain families. With Thiosane Travel you can put together a program from one day to several weeks in which you work together with the craftsman or woman to learn the African way.

Instrument making

West Africa has a long tradition of instrument making. This includes not only drums, but also flutes and different types of xylophones. You can work with the instrument builder to learn to build an instrument that you can then keep and learn to play.


It is known that every country and every region has its own dishes, depending on the flora and fauna present. In addition, the type of dish is also determined by the customs and traditions of different tribes. In addition to learning to prepare these dishes, you also learn to deal with the (often limited) cooking resources available.