Thiosane Travel offers the utmost safety that a travel organisation can offer for Burkina Faso. We continue to be kept informed of possible risks and calamities by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Embassy. More importantly, we have an extensive network that is also used for safety. We are in contact with police officers in the city and at the airport and with doctors and specialists. We have help scenarios ready for the most imaginable situations. When inquired with our travellers, we found that they feel more secure with us in Africa than many airports and tourist attractions in Europe. Burkina Faso belongs to one of the safest countries in Africa. Like anywhere else in the world, your safety is mainly determined by your knowledge of the country: where can you better not come, when and with whom. As far as you don't have that knowledge, the tour leader of Thiosane travel who is and with him is as safe as (or even safer than) in the Netherlands.                                                                                     We also strive to not travel outside the city after sunset.
Travellers of Thiosane Travel are taught what to watch out for, so that after a short self you can step in a safe way. We also have a number of very reliable escorts.